Peacebuilding memorial & Learning

We want to create a space to remember past injustices, heal and learn from Nepal’s armed conflict; and also serve as a space in which to facilitate ongoing multi-dimensional peacebuilding efforts & learning within Nepal, in the region, and even worldwide. With this initiative, we are aiming to build a durable peacebuilding entity by the end of 2025.

This memorial-learning center will serve multiple functions in an effort to help conflict survivors.  It will help honor her loss, heal her wounds, learn from her strengths, and help her lead a life of dignity.  It will provide a much-needed forum for the discussion of injustices, as well as a space for remembrance and healing.  Existing communities and future generations will learn about the past at the PBM&LC and use these learning/s to inform long-term commitments for a peaceful future.  The PBM&LC will be a vibrant space which connects with other peace centers in the region and internationally.

The Center will Comprise of:

A knowledge center for peacebuilding, learning & research activities,

A safe space for conflict-affected communities & peacebuilders alike to remember, heal, learn and collaborate, and

An open space for communities to come together. Especially for youths, elderly and children.

Photographs from pbm&LC